Dec 27, 2010

Sakashvili: Russia has only one way left direct political terror and political rivalry

President Mikhail Saakashvili said the only way that is left for Russia is a direct political terror and rivalry against Georgia. The strengthening of the armed forces of Georgia is a basis for the successful economy and future of our children.

Saakashvili said on the ceremony of oath taking by 326 cadets, of the State Defense Special Service. "Our country is in the fight for the existence. The country that is far bigger and stronger then we are declared the war against us, occupied 20 % of our territories. This country offends the dignity of our citizens and deprives them of the right to the life, "- Saakashvili said.

He said enemy constantly threatens to us and to the freedom of Georgia. For us the freedom is the biggest dignity and value. You are the first defenders of this dignity. Nevertheless Georgia as Biblical Lasar still is alive and keeps living, however nobody believed to this. This is a contribution of those soldiers who were fighting 2 years ago with Russian invaders, "- He said.