Oct 22, 2009

Official Tbilisi accuses Lavrov in disinformation

The official Tbilisi accuses Russian Foreign Minister in disinformation of the international community.
"Mr. Lavrov tries again to persuade the not-well informed audience in the facts which himself did not believe too much - namely that the international community is accusing Georgia in aggression. In fact for any impartial observer it is clear that the facts are quite the contrary, "- such response was made by the Georgian Foreign Ministry to the interview of Sergey Lavrov for "Ria Novisti" and for TV channel "Russia Today".

At the same time the official Tbilisi said that Lavrov tries to prove that the international community already reconciled with such new reality, which was created by Russian Federation in 2008 August as a result of the aggression, ethnic cleansing and as a result of occupation of the 20% of Georgian territories.

"It is clear that the thesis of Russian Foreign Minster given in the interview is an attempt for presenting the wishful as a real one. This attempt is directed for the internal usage first of all. Russian Federation continues to ignore the principal  disagreements with the international community concerning the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, concerning the obligations under the international law norms, "- the declaration of Georgian Foreign Ministry reads.

Source: www.eng.ghn.ge