Dec 29, 2010

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

On 27 December 2010 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation posted on its official website the Major Foreign Policy Events of 2010.

We would take no heed of the Russian Foreign Ministry`s assessment of any event and the "particular importance` of D. Medvedev`s involvement in it, were it not for a passage regarding the Georgian territories occupied by Russia.

On 19 October 2010 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia made a statement on the Russian side`s claims that the withdrawal of occupation troops from Perevi has "closed" the issue of fulfillment by Russia of the 12 August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement. The international community reminded Russia in absolutely clear terms of the necessity to fully comply with the aforesaid agreement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry`s assessments clearly indicate that Russia is not intending to respond to Georgia`s unilateral initiative on the non-use of force and still continues its policy of gross violations of the 12 August Ceasefire Agreement and demonstrative disregard for the international community`s justified demands. The deployment of new missile armaments on the occupied territories and the militarization of these territories as well as attempts to lead into deadlock the Geneva talks and the efforts of the international organizations, including UN and OSCE, should be viewed through the same prism.

Defiance of its own commitments, including the agreements signed at the highest level, is a famous "trademark" of Russian diplomacy. In this context it is no wonder that the foreign partners meet with skepticism any initiative of Russia, including that concerning the conclusion of the so-called European security agreement. However authors of this document do not realize this skepticism or simply do not wish to do so.

It needs to be emphasized once again hat it is Russia`s unequivocal fulfillment of the norms and principles of international law and its own commitments and full de-occupation of the Georgian territory that may provide the groundwork for establishing long-term peace and stability in the region and Europe as a whole.