Nov 27, 2009

EU commissioner arrives in Tbilisi

The EU Human Rights Commissioner, Thomas Hammarberg will arrive in Georgia today and join the negotiations regarding the release of four Georgian teenagers, who were kidnaped by the Ossetian Militias and the Russian occupierts on November 4.

Hammarberg will stay in Georgia until December 4. Giorgi Romelashvili, Aleko Sabadze, Victor Buchukuri and Levan Khmiadashvili remain in the Russia backed Ossetian Militias captivity.  The boys are charged with illegal crossing of so-called borders of "South Ossetia" and carrying the explosives.

Georgian MPs downplay the visit of the EU commissioner, saying his duties obliges him to demands the release of the hostages immediately, but whenever the problem is tied with Russia, Hammarberg always steps back.