Dec 18, 2010

Mc Cain: I am disappointed with Sarkozy s inattention with August 12 agreement

Senator John McCain criticizes Nikola Sarkozy for Russia's not fulfilling of the August 12 agreement. "I am very disappointed that French President does not makes this as a question of first importance.

Russia always is in breach of the cease-fire agreement. This question must be one of the most important problems for the French President. Senator said in his interview with Figaro.

At the same time he said that Russia continues the occupation of 20 percent of Georgian territory. This is not to be left without punishment.

To be noted that Mc Cain in his interview talked about Russia's internal policy and about the violation of human right with Mikhail Khodorkovsky Ex CEO of Yukos. He named him as a prisoner of conscience, as a prisoner of mafia-state.

For information, the Yukos case is one of the most important ones in Russian Federation. The Russian law enforcers accused the biggest company in Russian Federation in various crimes. As a result of this the company was declared bankrupt. The actives of the company were passed to the company "Rossneft". West considers the Yukos case was politically biased. Nevertheless the Russian government refuses this categorically.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky often is considered as a private prisoner of Putin. Khodorkovsky privately says the case against him is politically motivated and corrupted. The initiators of this process were people who are not willing to free him. The reason for this is that he was a supporter of independent opposition.