Nov 29, 2009

European Council Commissioner for Human Rights not let in Tskhinvali

European Council Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg has not been let in Tskhinvali Region by Russian occupiers and representatives of the Kremlin marionette regime. Thomas Hammarberg was waiting for their decision in the Georgian village of Ergneti for several hours.

Finally, representatives of the Tskhinvali Pro-Kremlin marionette regime arrived at Ergneti village to meet with the commissioner. Along with the short meeting, several shots were heard, after what Hammarberg left the territory. The European diplomat says, he is not going to refuse to enter Tskhinvali town and see there the four Georgian teenagers abducted from the village of  Tirdznisi, Gori district on November 4.

`This is a hard work. There are a lot of problems. But the question is, whether those, who hold them would accept this and the conditions, of course. But, I think, they should be released. I ask that. The negotiations are going on, nothing is fixed yet, but I`m not going to give up. I am going to continue this until result is achieved`, Hammarberg said.

European Council Commissioner for Human Rights from Ergneti village went to the town of Gori, where he is holding meeting with the governor of Shida Kartli Region. Hammarberg`s visit intends to hold talks with representatives of the Tskhinvali marionette regime on release of the four Georgian underage citizens. Parents and family members of the abducted teenagers say, they really hope the teenagers will be released in consequence of the commissioner`s visit.