Jun 26, 2012

US cadets trained at Georgia's Sachkhere Mountain Training School

Cadets of the United States Military University finished Basic Mountain Training Summer Course. A course graduation ceremony was organized at the base of Sachkhere Mountain Training School. American cadets were granted certificates and special badges.

28 cadets of the U.S. Military University underwent the course of study within the frames of cooperation between the United States and Georgia. Basic Mountain Training Summer Course lasted from 4 till 23 of June. During a three week-long summer course the foreign cadets adopted mountain-technical skills.

The Sachkhere Mountain Training School instructors trained future military servicemen in crossing technique over mountains, high mountains, rivers and ravines. They also practiced in providing first medical care and got familiar with evacuation methods.

In the scope of the course, with the help of the Georgian instructors, trainees carried out technical climbing and descending from rocks.

The solemn graduation ceremony was attended by Deputy Chiefs of Joint Staff of GAF Colonel Arsen Tsukhishvili, Lieutenant Colonel Lasha Beridze, representatives of NATO Liaison Office in Georgia and Diplomatic Corps. 

Source: The US cadets trained at Sachkhere Mountain Training School