Nov 5, 2010

Georgia reveals information about 13 person accused of espionage in favour of Russia

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Counterintelligence department of the Georgian Interior Ministry has detained 9 citizens of Georgia and 4 citizens of Russia accused of espionage in favour of Russia.

Deputy Head of the Counterintelligence Department of Interior Ministry Otar Orjonikidze named at the briefing held on Friday all the people detained for cooperation with intelligence services of general staff of Russian Defence Ministry. They are: Bakur Kiguradze, Viacheslav Pluzhnukov, Gabriel Ustalishvili, Davit Meskhidze, Bela Kakabadze, Gocha Diasamidze, Tariel Abashidze, Ruslan Galogre, Eduard Abdulaev, Armen Gevorkyan, Ruben Shikoyan, Petre Devrishadze and Yuri Skripnikov. Four of them are citizens of Russia.

Orjonikidze said, in result of the 4-year activities, first stage of Enver special operation has completed succesfully. Tens were exposed, 13 of them were detained with charges of espionage and having been enlisted in intelligence services of a foreign country.

Representatives of the Georgian Interior Ministry say, who appears voluntarily at the ministry and admits to the crime, will be released from responsibility.

The interior ministry released video footage depicting detention of people accused of espionage in favour of Russia. Testimonies of two of them have also been released. One of them is a pilot of defence ministry, the other is Russia-based Georgian businessperson.