Nov 5, 2010

Details of detention of Russia`s agents in Georgia to be exposed

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Details of divulged case will become known tomorrow (November 5). Reuters reported detention of 20 persons suspected of spying for Russia six days ago.

Georgian Interior Ministry has been refraining from making any comment on teh case during these days, although reportedly, the comments will be made at press conference on Friday.

Until that, Georgian and foreign media have been trying to gain information about the large-scale operation from different sources. Several names have been specified.
Ruslan Galogre, owner of a hotel located in teh centre of Black Sea town Batumi. He is brother of late businessperson Oleg Galogre.

Petre Devishadze is a businessperson from Kobuleti town of Black Sea region Adjara. He is owner of individual enterpriser, which was named among unconscientious purchasers few months ago.

Armen Gevorkyan and Ruben Shikoyan were working together in company, which was inspecting freights and oil products.

Other details have been uncertain so far, the case is classified as top secret.
Person named Enver will supposedly become known tomorrow as well. Rustavi 2 TV is preparing a documentary film on the case of espionage. The film, which is going to be shown on Friday, depicts how the Georgian counterintelligence service managed to decode the most large-scale espionage network.

Supposed fiasco of teh Russian intelligence has been discussed in Moscow during last few days. Part of politicians and experts think if the information on working of spies in Georgia in favour of Russia is confirmed, it would be a complete collapse of the Russian intelligence.

Representatives of teh ruling team of Russia think teh different way. Members of Russian parliament have no official information on the detention. They say, the internal political situation in Georgia is in gridlock, therefore, President Saakashvili is trying to deteriorate relations with Russia and in this way maintain his governance.

What are links between the case of spies and the Russia-Georgia war in 2008, what kind of information the spies were sending to Russia and other details will become known tomorrow. After that, the methods, the Russian intelligence uses throughout the world will be exposed.