Mar 6, 2011

Do Tbilisi, Moscow Resume Contact regarding Russia’s Affiliation with WTO?

Russia and Georgia have restored contact regarding Russia’s affiliation with the World Trade Organization, though the USA is not participating in the talks.

According to Inopresa, journalist Josh Rogin wrote about the above-mentioned, based on information from White House high officials.

According to Inopresa, the issue of Russia’s affiliation with WTO will be the main topic during Joseph Biden’s visit to Russia.

The Obama administration actively supports Russia’s affiliation with the organization, though Georgia can hamper it’, Rogin says.

‘Georgia and Russia have problems in trade area, which need to be solved. The process is making some progress. Personally I can’t evaluate the process since I’m not involved in it’, Michael McFaul, US national security director for Russians and Eurasian issues, said yesterday.

In addition, he noted the USA would not interfere in attempts by Russia and Georgia to reach an agreement.

‘The matter is bilateral, not trilateral’, he said.