Apr 11, 2012

Georgian doctors save Abkhazian children

TBILISI, GEORGIA - An 11 year-old girl from the occupied Abkhazia will be operated on her heart in Tbilisi. Georgian news channel Rustavi2 reported.

Iana Iashfba from Tkvarcheli has problems on her heart and will undergo surgery at the Joen Hospital in Tbilisi.

She was taken from the breakaway region a few days ago; the surgery is planned for tomorrow. The surgery will be funded by the government of Georgia.

The head of the Abkhazian legitimate government Gia Baramia visited the young patient at the hospital today and presented her with candies and Easter gifts.

This is not the first case in which Georgian doctors have saved the life of an Abkhazian child. Over the past years, many desparate Abkhazian parents have come to Tbilisi to get much-needed medical help for their childeren, which they cannot get in Abkhazia.