Dec 9, 2010

Transparency International: Georgian Government has been effective or extremely effective in fighting corruption

Transparency International has published the results of yet another survey on Global Corruption Barometer. The survey says that Georgia showed best improvement results among all other countries in 2010.

According to the Global Corruption Barometer, 77 percent of Tbilisi’s residents state that the Georgian Government has been effective or extremely effective in fighting corruption. Compared to other countries included in this poll, Georgia has the highest rate of respondents who say that their Government’s actions to fight corruption have been “effective” or “extremely effective”.

Similarly, with 78 percent, Georgia has by far the highest rate of people stating that corruption has “decreased a lot” or “decreased” in the past three years.

“The public’s views on corruption are important, because they show us how corruption affects the lives of people in Georgia and around the world”, says Eka Gigauri, Executive Director of Transparency International Georgia. “If we compare the results of the 2010 survey to results from 2004, we see that citizens’ trust in institutions such as the police, the military, parliament, political parties, the media, the church, NGOs and the private sector has increased.

The survey showed that the index of corruption in Georgia is 3%.

According to the survey, 32% of the respondents in the CIS member states admitted that they have paid bribe. This index in Russia is 26%, Armenia - 22%, Azerbaijan 47%.

The survey has been carried out in 86 countries and 91,000 respondents have been interrogated.