Nov 19, 2009

Georgian Foreign Ministry accuses Russian media of spreading disinformation

Georgian Foreign Ministry accuses the Russian press of spreading disinformation and refuses the interview of Belarusian MPs given to Kommersant Russian outlet.

The ministry has released a special statement.
`The Russian media is covering the visit of representatives of Chamber of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly incorrectly and this issue has been discussed with different provocations. In this terms, the story published by the Kommersant is significant.

Its author as if relying on the information received from the Georgian Foreign Ministry reports about the meeting held in the ministry. In particular, the story says that `the Georgian Foreign Minister was contented with the position of the Belarusian MPs`. Representatives of the ministry explain that no one from the Kommersant has addressed to the ministry and no comments have been made by the Georgian Foreign Ministry as well.

The journalist as if cites Vladimir Zhukov, the member of the Belarusian delegation being in Tbilisi, although there is no one with similar name among the delegation members`, the statement says.