Jan 25, 2011

Explosion in Moscow: terrorist attack or political plot?

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - The explosion was devastating, and occurred in a secured area of the airport.

Russian militia(police) traditionally have an allergy for non-Russian looking people, for example people from the Caucasus. Is it likely that such a person would walk into a secured area with a bomb, without being detected?

It is remarkable how normally the airport continued to function after the blast. The authorities did not seem to be worried about the possibility of another blast somewhere at the airport or even in an airplane. That would only make sense if they knew what would happen where. Accusations of terrorism from the islamic North Caucasus region (Chechnya) were voiced right away. And perhaps they were trained in (christian!) Georgia..? Shortly before the blast, the Russian army transported heavy military equipment (missiles) to the occupied Georgian province of "South Ossetia" (Samachablo) and Abkhazia. This makes sense of course, when facing such "dangerous enemies". The chronology is strange though.

Putin and Medvedev's popularity is declining lately. Reforms are not being carried out, journalists are still being killed, corruption persists.

The president and prime minister are now seen on television as a firm and concerned leaders, vowing to crack down on the terrorists.

What is going on in Russia? Are there real problems that can hardly be handled any longer? Is the authoritarian regime looking for a pretext for some action to achieve its political goals?