Jan 22, 2011

Boris Nemtsov: Putin is the architect of a mafia state

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Boris Nemtsov, a leader of the Russian democratic opposition and former vice-premier of Russia, told in an interview with Newsweek about the situation in this country. He noted in particular:

"Putin is the architect of a mafia state. De-Putinization is a necessary precondition for creating a fair court system and for returning to fair elections.

Under Putin's rule, Russia became deeply corrupt. His closest friends are all multibillionaires. They consider Russia as their feudal property. Putin's actions are wrecking Russia. We need to mobilize our forces before his actions cause wars and Russia falls apart (the disintegration of Russia as an empire is historically inevitable, despite all attempts to prevent it by ımperialists Putin and Nemtsov - KC).

I have no doubt that Putin will flee some day from the country, like the president of Tunis. Putin's resignation is our demand # 1.

By his irrational actions, Putin loses the respect of the people who once trusted him. When I got out of jail, one of the first people who phoned me was Mikhail Gorbachev; he never called me before. "Boris, you are right," he said to me. Gorbachev has never been my biggest supporter-now he is".

It is to be noted that previously, as reported by the Voice of America, Nemtsov said he wants Putin to be deprived of power, and that a police investigation should conducted into Putin's activities. He also urged the West to deny visas to chief Russian government officials and their relatives, so that the rules of democracy and civil rights are better complied with in the country.

Another leader of the Russian opposition, Yashin, warned the West, which fears of an inevitable and inexorable dismantling of Russia, that the detention of opposition politicians may have very harmful consequences for Russia.

"The lawlessness of courts, police and officials, intimidation of opposition, arrests of the critics - all this leads directly to a civil war", noted a major Nemtsov's crony Yashin, without explaining what he sees wrong with the Holy Liberation Civil War.

It is to be recall that the Civil War 1 (1917-1922), which was 95% fought for independence and freedom of Christian Russian-colonized countries conquered by Moscow, is considered among Democrats and liberals as very positive.

Why in this case, the Civil War 3, which will be conducted for the same cause, encounters such opposition among this audience, still needs an explanation.