Jan 21, 2011

European Parliament: Human Rights violations are frequent in South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Yesterday EP passed a resolution that mentions Georgia several times.
Human Rights violations are frequent in Georgia's occupied regions  South Ossetia and Abkhazia. According to the article 32 of the resolution the human rights violations takes pales very often. The European Parliament calls to react to every single case of violation of human rights.

At the same time according to the article 24 of the resolution the EP calls the vice President of EU, High Commissioners in Foreign and Security policy to work more actively to force Russia to fulfill 6-point agreement.

"The agreements on cooperation with Georgia, Azerbaijan Moldova are already accomplished. The negotiations about  new agreements with these countries continues, "- the resolution reads.

According to the resolution the Black sea is a strategic bridge that will connect Europe and Caspian Sea, Middle Asia and Near East. This part of the world encompasses the European countries such as Bulgaria, Greece and Romania; as well the candidate for EU membership Turkey and ENP member countries Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Ukraine as well Russia as a strategic partner.

The above mentioned 62-points resolution was passed by EU yesterday and is published on the official EU web page.

Source: ghn.ge