Apr 26, 2011

Russia’s former prime minister Mikhail Kasianov: war was launched by Putin

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Russia’s former prime minister Mikhail Kasianov said at Carnegie Moscow Centre that in 2008, the Russian government dragged Mikheil Saakashvili into war through provocations.

“We consider this war to be launched by Putin, as 6 months before the war, the Russian government gathered troops near the Georgian border and the number of tanks accumulated there was larger than at the battle of Kursk”, Kasianov said.

He is convinced that the conflict was pre-planned and that Saakashvili was provoked.

“This doesn’t mean that Russia had to start a full-scale war by violating its mandate”, Kasianov said.

In his opinion this was a conflict not between Georgia and so-called South Ossetia but between the governments of Georgia and Russia.