May 27, 2011

Socor calls Burjanadze a `leader of hooligans`

Political analyst of East European affairs for the Jamestown Foundation Vladimir Socor has called the leader of the People`s Assembly Nino Burjanadze `the leader of hooligans`, while commenting on the last two days` developments in Georgian capital.

Socor said all that occurred on Rustaveli Avenue on May 26, was not a political process but hooliganism.

`They wanted to cause confrontation in the country, which might grow into a war. What happened here last night I cannot call it a political process. It was a hooliganism committed by several hundreds of armed, violent extremists. This is not politics; I call one part of Georgian opposition a constitutional opposition and the other part - a hooligan opposition.

I knew Burjanadze very well when she was speaker and the interim president. She was a lady then but she has already become a leader of hooligans together with her husband,` Socor said and added the act of the police was quite justifiable.