May 21, 2011

Georgia recognizes Circassian genocide

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Georgia has recognized the Circassian genocide. 95 lawmakers against none have unanimously voted for the document of historic significance.

With adopting the decision, Georgia has become the first country, which has officially recognized the genocide of the Circassian people by Russia that took place 150 years ago.

Representatives of the Circassian Diaspora have also attended the emotional discussions of the document in Georgia`s parliament.

"We have adopted a historic decision today. This is not just a political support or solidarity to this people, but this is a message sent to the whole civilized world that we should stop together the crime that is taking place against these peoples", MP Lasha Tordia said.

"This is Caucasian solidarity that is a tradition and it is a centuries-old tradition; it is much more than Russia or the Russian Empire", MP Guram Chakhvadze said.

Representatives of non-governmental sector of Georgia consider recognition of the Circassian genocide by Georgia`s parliament as a correct decision. Representatives of Georgia`s civil sector hold support rally to Circassians.

Free Caucasia NGO held a support rally in Vake Park in the centre of Tbilisi on Saturday.

The activists of the rally released a special address in Georgian and Circassian languages.

Representatives of Georgia`s civil sector call UN and other international organizations for recognition of the Circassian genocide, granting Circassian nationals refugee status and not allowing to hold Olympics 2014 in Sochi that is the land of Circassians.