Oct 31, 2010

Olympics in Sochi in 2014 and the Genocide and Deportation of Circassians

History: Russian tsarist forces acted in ways that allow one to conclude that their real goal was to remove entire Circassian nation from the ethnic map.

In the tsarist campaign against the Circassians,  that lasted almost five years after Imam Shamil surrendered in 1860, official tsarist statistics show that more than 400,000 Circassians were killed, 497,000 were forced to flee abroad to Turkey, and only 80,000 were left alive in their native area.

The Circassian-Russian War that lasted between 1763 To 21, May, 1864 ended with the fall of Circassia after fierce fighting, and heroic defensive fight that Circassians took against the Russian invading army which lead to the total occupation of the North Caucasus.

Furthermore this "ethnic purge," appears to be continues, and Russian Federation as the claimed successor to the tsarist empire and the Soviet Union efforts to merge the Republic of Adygeya into the surrounding Krasnodar Krai, where 2014 Winter Olympics will be hold.

At the place where stands Sochi , villages of  Shapseghs, Ubykhs and Abadzekhs (closely related to Apsua) were burned down- while the crops growing in the fields were trampled under the hooves of the Cossacks’ horses. Shapseghs and Ubykhs vanished from the ethnic map.

In 2014, the Winter Olympics comes to the Russian Federation. The world's greatest athletes will test themselves and one another in Sochi, which is just 15 miles away from Abkhazia (break-away province of Georgia). It will also be a major test of ability to protect those athletes and an estimated million-plus visitors. And security for these Winter Games will be more thorough, more visible, better planned and better coordinated than any Olympics in history. Russia should  show the world that it can be  safeguard the Olympic ideal.

According to information Olympics - 2014, scheduled to take place in Sochi, might be held in Vancouver again or Whistler. Several factors are named as a reason for this. There are some problems with construction schedule and commitments in Sochi, in addition Sochi is located in a zone of environmental disaster and artificial clearing of large new areas will speed the process up. It is better to use existing sports facilities in Vancouver and Whistler that would preserve more protected areas from destruction.

As the most important reason cited was a demand of Circassian diaspora to hold the Olympics - 2014 in another city or another country. Representatives of Circassian diaspora from New Jersey arrived in Vancouver and appealed to the athletes of the world with words on the posters: "You have to ski over the bones of our ancestors, if you are agree to Olympics 2014 to be held in Sochi as planed by Russia. "

The fact is that the Olympics 2014 coincide with the date of genocide of 1.5 million Circassians, their physical destruction and expulsion from their homes. Krasnaya Polyana is a place stained with blood of Circassians, who died in an unequal fight in 1864, - state leaders of Adighe organizations.

The above arguments gave food for thought to the leaders of the International Olympic Committee.