Oct 27, 2010

Dutch Police Shut Down Bredolab Botnet - Russian citizen Georgiy Avanesov head of hacker group is arrested

On October 26 at 10 p.m. Yerevan time officers of the criminal intelligence department at the Armenian police detained and summoned 27-aged Georgiy Avanesov, citizen of Russian Federation.

The detained has been wanted by the law enforcers of the Netherlands through Interpol since October 1, Armenian police informed NEWS.am. He is suspected of being a member of a criminal group, cyber crimes and money laundering. Presently Avanesov is in custody.

The arrest comes one day after the police disconnected 143 servers belonging to the botnet in Netherlands. The man arrested is a 27-year old Armenian and is considered to be the brains behind the massive botnet network. The Dutch prosecution service said in a statement: “At the request of the national (Dutch) prosecution service, a 27-year-old Armenian believed to be the brains behind the notorious Bredolab network, was arrested at the Yerevan international airport last night.”

As NEWS.am reported earlier, a 27-year-old Armenian citizen was detained at the Yerevan airport suspected of being a coordinator of Bredolab “botnet” (botnet is a collection of software agents that run autonomously and automatically and enable the hacker to perform certain actions using data of the attacked computer).

According to the British Guardian, police in the Netherlands got access to Bredolab botnet uniting over 30 million computers all over the globe. The police disconnected 143 computer servers belonging to the Dutch hosting provider LeaseWeb.

Bredolab infected about 3 million computers in a month and sent 3.6 billion e-mails. The letter contained a text telling about death of a famous person and invited a user to open the file. Computer was infected after the malicious file was opened.