Nov 21, 2011

Medvedev tells the truth about the war in South Ossetia

VLADIKAVKAZ, NORTH OSSETIA - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev slipped up: he confessed that Russia waged war in Georgia in 2008 against the NATO enlargement. Medvedev visited Vladikavkaz to meet the soldiers. President said the NATO would have borders with North Ossetia unless Russia had launched war against Georgia in August 2008.

`If the war against Georgia did not happen, despite Russia`s opposition, several countries would be accepted in NATO together,` Medvedev announced. He said the geopolitical situation would be different without August war and several countries would be dragged into the alliance forcefully.

Earlier Medvedev already stated in an interview: 'we have prepared ourselves long and well for this war, because we knew that Georgia would start this war. We always wanted to be ready to protect the South Ossetian people.' And: 'The war against Georgia was the answer to NATO's actions in Kosovo'.

He also said the Russia evaded direct competition with the NATO, however, added that Russia had absolutely different approach to the security issues.

Medvedev has finally said the truth, but if real reason of the war was blocking Georgia's NATO ambitions, then it's obvious who was responsible for starting the war?

It is remarkable that the president of such a large country, always having declared that its goal was to save a small people from oppression, now confesses that the war was actually against NATO. It's a shame as well, because Russia has spent huge amounts of money on media campaigns trying to convince the world of its noble intentions.