Sep 30, 2011

Nicola Sarkozy to visit Georgia on 7 October

TBILISI, GEORGIA - French President Nicola Sarkozy will visit Georgia on 7 October, the Embassy of France to Georgia says on its Facebook page . Nicola Sarkozy will deliver a speech to people in the Freedom’s Square at 17:30.

The French embassy in Tbilisi announced on its Facebook page on Friday, that President Sarkozy would be making a public speech on Freedom Square in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Any citizen can go to the Square and listen to Sarkozy’s speech. The Embassy of France asks Georgian citizens and French residents of Georgia to gather in the Freedom’s Square from 17:00.

Earlier, on October 2nd, there will be a concert of the Paris group Gotan Project, in the main hall of the Tbilisi Philharmonic theatre. They will be performing from their latest album Tango 3.0.