Feb 3, 2011

Georgia to export corn for first time in 2011

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Georgia the country is expected to export corn this year for the first time in history, thanks to a special corn production program in the hope of tripling the yield of the crop.

The expectation was disclosed on Wednesday during a briefing between some cabinet ministers and the president of the South Caucasus country of Georgia.

Georgian Agriculture Minister Bakur Kvezereli told President Mikheil Saakashvili that the ministry had already started the program which would triple the corn yield of the country and the income of corn farmers as well.

Though no figure of expected corn exports was mentioned, Georgia's annual corn production is estimated to be at 200,000 metric tons, ranking at 70th place worldwide.

The Georgian president told the cabinet ministers that the government's target is to increase agricultural output so as to enable the village population to increase their income by increased production of food crops.

Also present at Wednesday's briefing were the country's economy minister, finance minister, regional development minister and energy minister.