Feb 5, 2011

The deportation of Georgian nationals on ethnic grounds from Russia in 2006

Final verbal hearing on Georgia`s lawsuit filed against Russia was held in European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg on Friday (February 4).

Independent experts were questioned today. Georgian Public Defender Giorgi Tughushi and former member of Council of Europe Monitoring Committee Matyas Eorsi were invited by court to the hearing that indicated significance of their rectifications.

European Human Rights Court continues hearings on the complaint filed by Georgia regarding the deportation of Georgian nationals on ethnic grounds from Russia in 2006. The court will make its final decision by the end of 2011.

The HRW report said the NGO documented:
"the Russian government's  arbitrary and illegal detention and expulsion of Georgians, including  many who legally lived and worked in Russia," and that following the  growing political tensions between Russia and Georgia, "Russian  authorities began a widespread crackdown on ethnic Georgians, Georgian  nationals, and Georgian-owned or Georgian-themed businesses and  organizations... Senior government officials disparaged Georgians openly  on government-owned TV, and much of Russia’s government-friendly TV and  other media followed suit... Police and other authorities denied basic  rights to many of the detained" and underscored that "the Russian  government’s campaign against Georgians occurred in the context of  pervasive racism and xenophobia in Russia.