Apr 27, 2011

Russia threatens Georgia with a new war

GEORGIA, OCCUPIED TSKHINVALI - "Russia does not rule out military provocations from Georgia, because anything can be expected from the current regime in Tbilisi", said the leader of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov, following talks with South Ossetian criminal authority Eduard Kokoity.

"We will spare no efforts to protect the South Ossetian border and be ready if someone wants to commit again the crime of August, 2008",  Lavrov assured.

At the same time, the occupier's representative Lavrov expressed hope that "the current activity of the Georgian side would be limited to verbal propaganda", writes the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

"The assistance provided to Georgia by the West aims specifically at strengthening the military component, which pushes Georgia to provocations. Everything must be done to preserve peace, because the South Ossetian and Georgian peoples want to live in peace", Lavrov claims.

"We expect that the Georgian leadership will implicitly confirm its commitment not to use force against its neighbors (Georgian provinces under Russian occupation are meant), continued the the occupier's representative Lavrov. - We will insist that the Geneva talks take this problem as a priority".

We want to remind the reader that since 2008, Russia is occupying 20% of Georgian territory. More than 500,000 inhabitants of these territories have been driven out and only after that, 'independence'  was claimed. Russian leaders regularly visit the regions to encourage the criminal leadership there and support them with weapons and finances. Georgia demands demilitarization and an end to the occupation of Abkhazia(Apkhazeti) and South Ossetia (the real name of the latter region is Samachablo).