Oct 15, 2010

Russian occupiers to withdraw from Perevi, Georgia

Russian army will withdraw from Perevi - the village occupied after the 2008 Georgia-Russia August war. The deputy foreign minister of Russia Gregory Karasin announced the decision after the international discussions held in Geneva on Thursday.

`Good news aiming at stability`- this is how Karasin assessed the decision taken at the discussions held with the mediation of international organizations since August war.

The members of Georgian delegation say Russia was obliged to withdraw from Perevi and return to the status quo ante after Georgia, Russia and France signed six-point ceasefire agreement. They say the decision is the first step towards the complete de-occupation of the breakaway territories.

The participants of the discussion agreed on another issue at the 13-th round of talks -the incident prevention and response mechanism group will resume to operate in Tskhinvali Region soon.

As for the issue of the IDPs` repatriation, the representatives of the occupant regimes boycotted the discussion.

Source: Rustavi2.com