Oct 21, 2010

Tbilisoba 2010 -The day of Tbilisi begins today

The festivities dedicated to the Day of Tbilisi, called Tbilisoba 2010, begin today. In difference from all previous festivities of Tbilisoba, this year the events will be different and they will last ten days instead of the last weekend of October.

Within the festivities, the Tbilisi municipal government will organize exhibitions, concerts, first-night performances, award ceremonies in literature; mass winemaking on the Rose Square and a show of pop-stars will take place simultaneously.

On the first day of Tbilisoba 2010, old suits of personages will be exhibited in the Jansugh Kakhidze Musical -Cultural Centre. The visitors will be also able to see old maps of Tbilisi in the hall of the Public Library.

Source: rustavi2.com