Nov 17, 2009

Georgia addresses Euopean Court of Human Rights

Georgia has sent a special address to the European Court of Human Rights calling upon the Strasburg Court to urge Russia release four Georgian teenagers, who were arrested on November 4.
Tina Burjaliani, the Deputy Minister of Justice, made the corresponding statement at today’s special briefing.

`We’ve been constantly reporting the European Court of Human Rights human right violations on the territories occupied by Russian occupants, however, we have emphasized this case because of the age of the hostages. We have been reported that one of them has health problems` - Tina Burjaliani said and defined that the official address to the Strasburg court was sent yesterday.

The address says that similar facts puts in danger the lives of people residing in the vicinity of occupied territories.

According to Burjaliani, the Georgian government emphasized the facts of detainment of Georgian citizens on charges of illegal crossing of the so-called border.
Besides, according to the Deputy Minister, on 12 August, 2008, the Court of Strasbourg obliged Russia to restrain from violation of human rights on territories under its control. It is in regard to this commitment that Georgia appeals to the Court of Strasbourg.
‘The Court will send the corresponding appeal to Russia. And it must happen in nearest days or weeks’, Burjaliani stated.