Dec 16, 2010

Georgia asks Moscow assistance in investigation of terrorist acts

Georgian side asks the Russian Federation for assistance in the investigation of the terrorist acts. The Georgian Foreign Ministry has already sent an official note asking for mediation to the Swiss embassy.

Tbilisi wants Moscow to help it detention of the two Georgian citizens and Major Borisov of Russian Army who are accused of conducting terrorist acts and at present are on the territory of Abkhazia.

"Despite the differences the two countries have, involvement of the Russian side in the investigation is very important, as the committed actions are a grave crime and are assessed a terrorist act. Therefore, they represent a danger not only for Georgia but the whole world", Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister said at the special briefing on Thursday.

On December 4, Georgian police detained six people accused of organizing terrorist acts that recently took place on the territory of Georgia. Two more persons are being wanted. They are on the territory of Georgia`s occupied region of Abkhazia now.

The investigation has ascertained that Major Borisov of the Russia Army used to give orders to the group of subversives acting on the territory of Georgia.