Jan 4, 2011

BBC Russian reports about Geogia's winter resorts

BC Russian Bureau has published an article regarding the winter resort in Georgia. The reporter says that despite warm weather in Georgia, the tour agencies and hotel proprietors are expecting to have more tourists in Georgia this winter in comparison with previous years.

The reporter has interviewed the Chairperson of the National Tourism Department, Maia Sidamonidze, whose prognosis is rather optimistic. She said over 100,000 tourists are expected to arrive in winter resorts soon.

`The past summer season gives as reason to have such optimistic prognosis. After the August War in 2008, last year turned out most successful in the sphere of tourism. Over two million visitors were registered in Georgia in 2010,` BBC reports.

The journalist says that the questions of the people who want to visit winter resorts in Georgia now refer not to the security issues, but the weather conditions.

The same article says that Georgian government hopes to have new trend of tourists to a newly opened ski resort in Mestia, Svaneti Region, where the government has funded infrastructure development projects, constructed new airport and hotels.