Nov 24, 2010

British Prime Minister David Cameron calls upon Russia to withdraw troops from Georgia

British Prime Minister, David Cameron has called upon Russia to pull out its forces from the occupied territories of Georgia. Cameron revised NATO Lisbon summit results in his speech in British parliament.

'There will remain challenges in working with Russia' ..`President Obama and I both raised the issue of Georgia. Two years after that conflict started, it is time for Russia to abide by the ceasefire agreement and withdraw its troops from Georgian territory,` David Cameron said.

The leader of the Britain`s Labour Party, Edward Miliband has also commented on the conflicts in Georgia. He called upon world leaders to raise the issue of Georgia permanently while cooperating with Russia: "The Prime Minister is clearly right, that we should seek to improve our relationship with Russia, but continue to raise the concerns that he mentioned, including on Georgia." Edward Miliband said.