Oct 28, 2010

"Investors feel very comfortable working in Georgia" Mikheil Saakashvili

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili gave interview to CNBC TV Channel: "Georgia is not a big country, but it is very strategic place. So investors are coming into infrastructure, tourism, energy-sector, trade , agriculture, all of them And the point is here that this year we`ll have 6% growth according to the IMF, next year I hope to get to 7-8, but then we should be back to double-digit , as we were to do with prices, which certainly hit us but much less than the other countries in the region. We are free point construction , it is much less than 14-15 % in comparison to our neighbors, but what I am saying 80% of it is investment tool. Georgia has been the huge political pass in the past . And it still is. If people are still coming to invest it means that it is a safe place in non-term outlook , and this is a touristic harbor for the region.."

"We have lots of investments coming into tourism, into agriculture, into infrastructure, into energy sector, in overall and hydro power construction. We have the lowest corruption rate in teh region. We have the lowest crime rate in teh region. It`s the easiest way to do business and now we have finally got teh constitution that more or less reflects mainstream European democracy strands that shows new level of maturity and long-term stability", Saakashvili said.