Apr 7, 2011

Tbilisi seeks gradual sectoral integration with EU

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Georgia’s immediate goal is membership in the European Union but the government is yet to make it an immediate agenda, according to Davit Bakradze, the Georgian parliamentary speaker.

He made the announcement during the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s 76th Rose-Roth Seminar which opened in Tbilisi, Civil Georgia reported.

But we understand that at this point talking about immediate membership into the political institutions may be counterproductive, because we understand that EU is in a difficult situation in itself and at the moment there are lots of internal problems which EU has to deal with.

So we do not put this issue on the agenda, Bakradze said.

He went on to say that eventually Georgia see its place in Europe but it also means being part of the (EU’s) political institutions, adding that the authorities are presently focusing on were gradual sectoral integration with EU.

Our strategy is little bit different.

Our strategy is gradual sectoral integration with EU, Bakradze said, adding that part of the strategy was Georgia’s integration to EU’s economy through free trade agreement.