Mar 20, 2011

Vladimir Zhirinovsky – If Georgia is Against Russia’s Entry to WTO Georgian Business in Russia will be Destroyed

Leader of Russian liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky is sure that Georgia will not be obstacle to Russia’s route to WTO entry, Zhirinovsky told Region TV .

He says that Russia has 100% chance to be WTO member and if Georgia hinders it, Georgian business in Russia will be destroyed.

“We’ll oust Georgian thieves-in-law with military-cargo aircrafts and all Georgian sea, land or air borders will be closed. Allowing monitors to Psou and Roki tunnel means saying no to Abkhazian and South Ossetian recognition, and this will not happen. Now Georgia has to chose between deterioration of interior affairs and creating obstacles to Russia”, Zhirinovsky said.

Zhirinovsky states that decisions are mainly taken in four capitals Washington, Moscow, Brussels and Beijing.

“Washington has no future. This artificial state is on the way to collapse. Europe is an old contingent without function. China is on the edge of explosion and Russia’s cosmic power remains – with plenty of money, resources and new weapon. We can destroy any part of the planet in 15 minutes without any explosions, in calm and peaceful manner. The whole continent will fall in permanent sleep”, Zhirinovsky said.

He says that time will come when Russia will be EU member, though he predicts that EU and NATO will break up in the nearest future.