Feb 9, 2011

Saakashvili - Any type of contact is better than confrontation

Any type of contact is better than confrontation – this statement has been made by Georgia’s President Saakashvili in relation to Russia . The interview was given to German journalist prior to the meeting with Angela Merkel.

According to the German edition Der Tagesspiegel, Georgia hopes for Germany’s support. Saakashvili hopes that Germany will assist Georgia’s dialogue with EU and Russia, German media reports.

“Official Moscow acts like there is no government in Georgia. Germany should tell Russia to say “no” to confrontation, using its contacts”, Saakashvili told Tagesspiegel paper. Thus, Georgia’s President is for peaceful negotiations with Russia, even though Georgian territories are still been occupied, the Edition says.

“It is not mandatory to contact Medvedev or Putin. The position doesn’t matter at all. If Germany led a dialogue with Russia, Georgia would be very glad”, Saakashvili said.

Unlike Merkel, Saakashvili is unwilling to talk about Egypt. He just remarks that reforms and changes to be conducted are significant for the entire ongoing process.

According to Tagesspiegel, Saakashvili doesn’t deny that he wants to be PM in the future. However, he doesn’t want to talk much about his private life.