Dec 4, 2010

Angela Merkel: Territorial Integrity of Georgia to be saved in internationally recognized borders

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor taking floor at Astana OSCE summit underlined that Georgian territorial integrity should be saved within the limits of the internationally recognized borders.

To the region the OSCE has to be returned. Georgian-South Ossetian war proved that in the regions the crisis for the OSCE trust arises. "We should be frank to say that in August of 2008 we faced the serious crisis for the trust to the organization, "- Merkel said. According to the Russian media she was upheld in this point of view by many leaders of OSCE member states.

The Russian media as well informs that Friend and German government representatives underlined that "Georgian territorial integrity and sovereignty should be saved within the limits of internationally recognized borders. They as well upheld the return of OSCE presence in the region.

To be noted that the international trust as a factor for the stability is a main motivation for the France's chairmanship in the Big 8 and the Economic 20.