Jan 12, 2011

Russia has suspended oil supplies to Belarusian refinery plants

Russian oil flows to Belarus refineries have been halted while price talks continue with Russian oil companies. Representatives of the Russian companies define that they have failed to agree on price with Belarusian colleagues. However, the suspension of oil to Belarus has not affected oil transit to Europe.

Belarusian authorities hope to reach agreement in a few days and the oil supply will be resumed in a few days from Russia. So far, Belarus has its own reserves only for three weeks.

Reportedly, Russian companies were offering growth of price on per ton of oil with 45$ after Belarus increased the transit price.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has doubts as to the equal benefits of the arrangement.

“The agreement will bring loses to Russian oil companies of approximately $5.3 billion in 2011. That is actually a serious lost of profits. While our partner country will gain $3.9 billion,” Putin said.

The Belarusian government recently amended transit tariffs of Russian crude through its territory. This decision has been coordinated with the Russian side, Belarusian Ministry of Economy said.