Nov 11, 2010

Georgian Government and Georgian opposition members achieve agreement

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Consultations of representatives of the Georgian government and the Georgian opposition lasted for longer than it was expected at the office of chair of Georgian parliament on Wednesday.

Representatives of 15 political parties were attending the meeting. All of them said after the talks that today`s meeting was very significant and effective.

As reported, an agreement has already been achieved on the framework, within which the working group will hold consultations. First meeting of the group is going to be held in Central Election Commission on next Wednesday (November 17). Supposedly, most of the meetings will be held in the CEC, although the group members may also assemble in the parliament.

Majority members said, decisions will be made in result of achieving consensus, although discussions will last in teh case, if all the parties are not able to agree with one another.

Leaders of teh political parties also said after the meeting, that doors will remain open for all political parties during the consultation process.

International organizations are going to assume role of observers at the talks. NGOs will also be actively involved in the consultations.