Nov 11, 2010

Georgian doctors saved 4-month-old Abkhazian baby

TBILISI, GEORGIA - According to head of Joen Medical Center Irakli Metereveli three days ago a mother and four-month-old girl was brought from Abkhazia. The baby had a congenital heart disease and her life was in danger. A cardio surgery that was carried out by Georgian doctors was successful and life of the Abkhazian baby was saved.

At the moment the little patient is in an intensive care unit and her life is no longer in danger. She needed blood transfusion and blood was donated by doctors and soldiers.

According to Irakli Metereveli every year 5 children that constitute 1% of newborns are born with congenital heart disease in Georgia.

All expenses of the little patient will be covered by the Georgian state.