Oct 9, 2009

Georgian Opposition:Georgia has over 60 Political Prisoners

Georgian Opposition Conservative Party said on October 9, that it had identified 67 persons, which were arrested by the authorities for political motives.
Kakha Kukava, co-leader of the Conservative Party, said at a meeting with a group of human rights activists and lawyers that his party was pushing for a joint memorandum of the opposition parties, which would lay out “mechanisms” for achieving release of these “political prisoners.” He said that memorandum would probably be signed in two weeks.
The list of 67 persons include 37 opposition activists, which according to the Conservative Party, were arrested after the launch of street protest rallies in April. More than half of them, the party said, were arrested under the “fabricated charges” related with illegal possession or carrying the arms and others for charges related with drugs.
The list also includes Koba Kobaladze, who was a commander of the National Guard till 2004; he was arrested on May 5 and charged with coup plot. His case is heard by the Tbilisi City Court as part of a trial into what is known as Mukhrovani mutiny. Kobaladze, who has testified before the court, denies charges.
The list also includes Sergo Beselia, a brother of Eka Beselia, leader of opposition Movement for United Georgia; Nora Kvitsiani, a sister of wanted warlord Emzar Kvitsiani; and supporters of ex-security chief Igor Giorgadze.

Source: Civil.ge, oktober 9th, 2009