Oct 26, 2011

Georgia's ranking improved in World Bank business environment survey

Georgia has landed on the overall 16th position of the World Bank Doing Business 2012 survey, with its overall rating one place better higher than last year.

The survey gauges the ease of doing business in 183 economies in the world by measuring the capacities in 10 categories. It ranks the ease of doing business in these economies from 1 to 183. Higher ranking on the survey indicates that the environment surveyed is more conducive to starting and operating a business in the economy surveyed.

Georgia chalked up a "1" in the Registering Property category, a "4" in the Dealing With Construction Permits category, a "7" in the Starting a Business category and an "8" in the Getting Credit category for the country's 16th overall position among the 183 economies.

Compared with the 2011 edition of the World Bank survey, Georgia made improvement in eight of the 10 categories, such like Paying Taxes (by 20 places) and Getting Credit (by 13 places).

Georgia was low in the category of Resolving Insolvency where it scored a "109" out of 183, while dropped in the categories of Trading Across Borders (by 20 places) and Enforcing Contracts (by 1 place).

Source: China Daily