Mar 9, 2011

Russia-Georgia Conflict in August 2008 Splits the EU - WikiLeaks

During the Caucasian crisis by summer of 2008 France and Germany lobbied interests of Moscow in the EU, the diplomatic documents published on site WikiLeaks testify .

In November, 2008, in Stockholm record of conversation between American Charge d'Affaires Robert Silvermena and the high-ranking Swedish diplomat Johanom Friselem was published. That, ostensibly, has told that France convinced Sweden and Poland to soften their positions in a question on sanctions of the EU against Russia.

‘According to Friselja, France threatened to freeze the program East partnership [with six East Europe countries which are not entering into EU] if Swedes and others begin to brake renewal of negotiations between Russia and the EU’, - informed a management of Silvermen.

In the beginning of December Wikileaks published 120 cables of the American diplomats, dated from the period between August 7 and 19, 2008. The cables talked about the Russian-Georgian conflict. From them follows that between partners in the EU and NATO there were deep divergences. The points of view varied between positions of Germany, ‘repeating, as a parrot ‘, the Russian arguments, and Latvia offering immediately to begin arms supplies of Georgia.