Nov 17, 2010


The resolution stresses that the NATO-Russia partnership needs to respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

7. Deeply concerned about the continuing failure by the Russian Federation  to comply fully with the provisions of the EU-brokered Ceasefire Agreement, and particularly its failure to withdraw to the positions it held before the conflict;

8. Profoundly disturbed by the continued absence of international monitoring mechanisms inside the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia following Russia’s blocking of the extension of the OSCE and UN missions in Georgia;

Ethnic cleansing and occupation - these are the terms which were included without any correction and additions in the resolution on Georgia, which was adopted by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw a few days before the NATO Lisbon Summit.

10. Welcoming Georgia’s State Strategy on Occupied Territories and the Action Plan for Engagement, both of which aim to engage communities in the two regions through constructive projects;

14. URGES the parliament and government of the Russian Federation, as well as the de facto authorities of Abkhazia, Georgia, and South Ossetia, Georgia:

a. to reverse the results of what has been described as ethnic cleansing by the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia as well as by other international documents and allow the safe and dignified return of all internally displaced persons to their homes;

b. to allow EUMM unimpeded access to the territory of the two regions;

c. to ensure access to international humanitarian aid to those affected;

The resolution emphasizes that Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Regions are the native Georgian territories; the document also mentions ethnic cleansing in these territories. These terms irked Russian delegation, who was objecting to its adoption in the form it was submitted for discussion.

NATO Parliamentary Assembly also criticises Russian policy towards Georgia and insists the Russian authorities to fulfil the obligations of international agreements, including secure repatriation of IDPs to their homes.

The Assembly has also hailed the ongoing and implemented democratic reforms in Georgia. It supports Georgia`s aspiration to join NATO.

16. URGES the parliament and government of Georgia to continue efforts to strengthen the rule of law and promote democratic reforms in all areas, particularly those that further engage the opposition.