Oct 7, 2010

Moscow disappointed with Secretary Clinton`s statement in support of Georgia

Moscow threatens with foreign ministry`s respond after the statement in support of Georgia made by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in Washington. Members of Russia`s State Duma say Secretary Clinton`s clear support for Georgia can not change Russian politics. They say Russian troops will not leave territories due to Americans` order.

`I have been disappointed by the statement made by Secretary of State. I have the impression that the Americans were not able to make conclusions after the tragedy of August 2008. Georgia-Russia relations concern only the two countries, regardless of what they think in Washington, Brussels or elsewhere. Despite my respect for US and Mrs. Clinton, this is not the final verdict, because it is neither international court, nor tribunal. This is a statement made by foreign minister of one of countries`, Chair of Committee for International Affairs of State Duma Konstantin Kosachev said.

`This is Hillary Clinton`s job. At first, she was playing role of a cheated wife, now she is working as a US Secretary of State. I think, Hillary Clinton`s statement was more like an address to voters. It`s time for her, along with Barack Obama, to pack up because she will never become US Secretary of State again and nobody will impose their own opinions on us. Let me say them again not to tense the situation even more. We will never make the mistake again to enter and withdraw from there, where Russian soldiers were killed. We will stay on territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia forever`, Sergei Abeltsev, member of Liberal Democratic Party of State Duma said.

`We remember that previous US president used to talk much, make promises that pushed the Georgian government to make incorrect steps. Therefore, first of all, Russia and Georgia should agree with each other. I don`t think looking over the ocean all the time is a correct decision`, Arsen Tagiev, members of CIS Affairs Committee of State Duma said.

Source: www.rustavi2.com